Vested in Your Success

Everyone thinks that comprehensive planning is complicated.  In fact, it can be quite simple but too many financial professionals or insurance agents engage their clients by focusing on a product and not on developing a plan.  We do things a bit differently and have developed 3 different processes to help bring clarity, confidence and simplicity to your insurance and investment decision making:

  • 7 Steps Toward a Successful Retirement
  • Threats to Retirement Happiness
  • 6 Decisions You Won’t Regret 20 Years from Now

We feel that 7 Steps and Retirement Happiness is ideally suited for professionals and small business owners aged 45 and over.  6 Decisions may be more appropriate for the younger professional starting a career, family or business. Both processes will help you uncover what is important about money; develop strategies to solve problems, and actionable items to implement products and services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have a specific need and don’t have the time for a comprehensive analysis?

7 Steps or 6 Decisions can be directed toward a specific need (i.e. Life Insurance, 401k rollover, Roth IRA)

Is this confidential?

Open and honest communication is paramount and all information discussed is held in strict confidence.

How long will this take?

Our first meeting has no cost or obligation and usually lasts an hour. Subsequent meetings vary by client (typically 2-4 in total)

I can’t always meet during the day.

Our firm generally leaves open Wednesday and Thursday early evening to accommodate clients that may not have flexibility in their schedules

I can’t always meet face to face.

Face to face meetings, conference calls and Skype Meetings are all methods we employ to accommodate our clients and maintain communication.

How are you compensated?

As financial professionals we can employ both fee based and commission based solutions if you decide to implement the plan with our firm. Our recommendations are constructed in the best interest of the client.

What is your philosophy of how we will work together?

  • Your most urgent needs are addressed first
  • The advice and product you will receive must be appropriate based on your individual situation.
  • If we recommend preserving an existing financial product or solution because it is in your best interest, we can become the servicing financial representative of record
  • Investment strategies – one of the most critical elements of the effective portfolio construction is diversification. We implement and construct portfolios that have broad based exposure to a range of asset classes and investment styles in order to help weather the unpredictability of market performance and to reduce risk.

What are the exact services and products you can provide me?

Risk Management
Group Health
Individual Health
HSA health plans
HRA & FSA benefit plans
Life Insurance
Short term Disability
Long term Disability
Long-term Care
Critical Illness
Dental Insurance
Wealth Management
Financial Planning
Retirement Planning
401 K Plans
IRA Accounts
529 Education Plans
Mutual Funds
Tax Deferred
Charitable Giving
Business Interests
Executive Fringe
Succession Planning
Pension & Profit Sharing
Auto Insurance
Business Liability
Product Liability
Workman Comp.