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About Northwestern Mutual

The mission of the Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company is to provide expert guidance for a lifetime of financial security by offering high quality investment and wealth management programs and services for high net worth clients.

We provide comprehensive financial planning, investment advisory programs and personal trust services through a national network of experienced professionals.

Investment Philosophy
We believe in a disciplined investment approach based on diversification across broad asset classes. Our advisors balance this emphasis on individualized asset allocation with a focus on diversification and a long-term view of markets and performance. Understanding your investment attitudes and risk tolerance, and developing your unique financial profile are the keys to creating an appropriate asset allocation.

Wealth Management Advisors
Our team of wealth management advisors are at the heart of Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company. Your wealth management advisor will serve as your personal contact for requests, information and advice from the Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company. Wealth management advisors coordinate the efforts of the Wealth Management Company customer service team to give you the personal attention you require

Administrative Services
Our dedicated team of account administrators will work with you to:

  • Make distributions according to your wishes.
  • Pay bills and prepare trust tax returns.
  • Attend to administrative details of your account, including special requests.

Account Access
We offer you convenient access to your account and account history through print and web-based resources including:

  • Comprehensive monthly statements
  • Performance reporting
  • Account access on multiple secure websites
  • Current account balances on your investment holdings
  • Detailed transaction records on all accounts